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The Grossing Manual


How to Wrap Tissue in Filter Paper

How to Cut Frozen Sections

How to Coverslip Frozen Section Slides


Here is a list of "rules" that do not fit well elsewhere. Please incorporate these into your practice

  • Residents use 3 letter initials on all paperwork; PA students use 2 letter initials (3 = res, 2 - PA student)

  • Please leave your work station as clean or cleaner than you found it

  • If you use all of something (i.e. blades, lids, coverslips, etc), please be curteous and refill from stock

  • Do not eat or drink in the gross room. Doing that is gross. No food/drink waste in gross room trash cans

  • Visibly soiled (i.e. bloody or gross) items go in the biohazard trash cans. Non-soiled items go in regular trash (biohazard trash disposal is limited in space and much more expensive)

  • Never leave sharps out when finished grossing or cleaning up after IOC. This is a major no-no

Grossing Manual

Contact Information

11234 Anderson Street
Room 2151
Loma Linda, CA 92354

909-558-4398 (Main)

909-558-4113 (Fax)

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