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  • Specimens from known or suspected COVID-19 patients: Specimens will be enclosed in a sealed bag (with the outside disinfected) by accessioning personnel and placed in the right-sided fume hood within the gross room. The outside of the container will be disinfected within this fume hood, and the contents will be disinfected via extended formalin fixation. See posted instructions on fume hood for further details.

  • Fixation: High-risk specimens (lobectomy, pneumonectomy, sinonasal/oropharyngeal specimens, gastrointestinal resections) will be fixed for one extra day (over standard duration), regardless of COVID-19 status. Small biopsy specimens (with high formalin to tissue ratios) do not require additional formalin fixation. After additional formalin fixation, specimen is no longer considered high risk.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Careful adherence to proper PPE usage within the gross room and handling of specimens at grossing stations with negative pressure ventilation is sufficient to minimize risk from routine specimens. For high risk specimens (see above), use N95 mask.


  • For ALL frozen sections, staff will wear an N95 mask and refrain from using the freeze spray in the cryostat.

  • N95 masks are reusable - please label individual N95 masks and store for future use

  • For all lung frozen sections, prepare the tissue in the left fume hood in the gross room. After tissue selection, take tissue to the frozen suite to complete the intraoperative consultation.


  • Known or suspected COVID-19 positive patients: For known COVID-19 positive patients, an autopsy will not be performed. For suspected COVID-19 positive patients, an autopsy will only be performed if antemortem COVID-19 tests comes back negative; the autopsy will be postponed until test results are available. For possible positive cases without antemortem COVID-19 testing, COVID-19 swab testing may be performed on the decedent; if testing is negative, a limited autopsy may be performed. 


  • ROSE: Rapid on-site evaluations have resumed, with appropriate precautions. For interventional pulmonary procedures in radiology, the cytology cart and pathologist remain outside the room. In the operating room and in gastrointestinal clinic, N95 masks are required for all personnel in the procedure room. 

  • Workflow: To minimize intradepartmental interactions, the bulk of the cytopathologists have been stationed at the FMO until further notice. During this time of modified work-flow, all cytopathology specimens (gyn and non-gyn) will be sent to the FMO


  • Double scoping: Attending pathologists and residents/students may double scope, with adherence to proper PPE guidelines. Plexiglass shields have been installed at most double-headed microscopes to minimize the risk of droplet transmission. 

  • Conferences: In-person didactic conferences (including Wednesday morning grand rounds) are cancelled until further notice. Virtual conferences/online educational activities will be utilized until in-person conferences can be resumed.

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